Hostess, Guide and Spiritual Midwife

My name is Enocha "Ranjita" Ryan, and
I am devoted to embodying the frequency
of love, thereby living Heaven on Earth.
It is my passion to bring out the best in you,
initiating you into the exalted wholeness
of your being. Are you ready to end the
conflict within yourself and the struggle
in your life? If so, you will discover how to
transform suffering and pain into joy and love.

As a transformtional healing artist here in Sedona for over 30
years, guiding others to their awakenings, it would be my extreme
privilege, as your hostess and guide, to midwife you into the life
you have always dreamed of…

I specialize in hands-on healing, massage and bodywork, energy
and breath work, the shamanic arts, and spiritual guidance. As an
ordained minister, I can officiate at all forms of
initiations, rites of passage, weddings, etc.
Allow me to help you open
up the treasure chest of your
heart, where you will see that
all the riches of heaven are
already inside of you!
(Your Retreat’s Faery Godmother)
(Your Retreat’s Faery Godmother)
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