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Who are our guests?

Give yourself the gift of a true homecoming. At Your Heart’s Home, you
or you and your beloved will be our honored and only treasured guests.

relax in natural beauty
Oak Creek at Your Heart's home
Soul Spa Sanctuary at your heart's home
and prices
During your stay, feel free to slip into
your outdoor private hot tub, relax in
the garden hammock nest, swim and
frolic in the refreshing waters of Oak
Creek, tap into your creativity in our
fully-stocked arts and crafts room, or
curl up with a book in front of the fire.
These are "Heart Rocks",
Sedona red rock in the
shape of a heart. They're
found in abundent here.
(But that's no surprise.)

You will sleep in magical guest rooms
with expansive views of the opening to
Oak Creek Canyon on one side, or the
monumental red rock formations on the
Because each retreat is custom
designed to satisfy your heart’s desire
and soul’s yearning, schedule a one-hour
sacred council session time for the
beginning of your visit. During this session,
you can share with me your intention for
your life, and what your ideal retreat/
vacation would look like, and I will create
your perfect soul spa experience. Having
been a part of the healing community of
Sedona for over 35 years, I also draw on
a rainbow of other skilled and talented
healing practitioners, who are available
to enhance and enrich your experience.
In this potent Indian Gardens vortex site, you will enjoy private access to the
adjacent national forest land, including pristine Casner Canyon and beautiful
Oak Creek...all the while, exploring your inner terrain with transformational
hands-on healing sessions.
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