Arrival at Your Heart's Home

Your Heart’s Home is located three
and a half miles north of Sedona in
majestic Oak Creek Canyon. If you are
flying, arrive at Phoenix Sky Harbor
Airport, which is a two-hour drive to
Sedona. We recommend renting a car
for more mobility and freedom during
your stay, but there are shuttle services
available if this is not possible for you.
Our suggested check-in time is between
3 pm and 5 pm mountain standard time
(let us know if you need to make other

Wildlife in Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon in Fall

As with any pilgrimage to a sacred site, you will be entering onto the "road
less travelled." This includes a 7/10 mile-long dirt road, which transitions you
from the fast pace of your life into magical time and sacred space.

Bring loose comfortable clothes, warmer clothes for chilly nights and early
mornings, and shoes for hiking and creekwalking. Bring a journal, your special
sacred objects, even your favorite tea mug! Get ready to play in our creative
art room, and expect to have fun!

In preparation for your transformational healing
experience here, we invite you to have clear intention for
what you’d like to focus on during your stay. Come with an
open mind and a willing heart, and be ready to meet yourself
in your true magnificence! We know that you are the friend
we haven’t met yet, and we look forward to sharing this
special time with you!
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