Your Heart's Home was Created for you

Your Heart’s Home Was Created Just for You! Yes, Yes,
Yes! You are the perfect guest for Your Heart’s Home!
This is the ideal place for your personalized retreat for:

Your Heart's Home beauty
Enocha Ranjita and friends

Mothers and daughters
• fathers and sonsgirlfriends
couples desiring a deeper
connection, or simply a healing
retreat honeymooners
friends wanting a getaway
together people wanting
to have a rite of passage
honored expectant mothers /
parents vision questers
pilgrims wanting to journey to
a sacred land people going
through a life change, or needing
support in a challenging time
people wanting a relaxing
getaway teens coming into
adulthood women ready to
blossom into Goddesses men
ready to grow into Gods
people ready to anchor their
roots and expand their wings
people wanting to open to
their creativity adults wanting
to reclaim their innocence
people wanting to connect to
their life purpose people
wanting to connect to their true
Selves people who need
nurturing on all levels people
who need a spiritually enriched
vacation busy go-getters
people who have forgotten
how to play people wanting
to let go of habitual ways,
obstacles and addictions
anyone suffering from an
eating disorder people
grieving a loss women ready
to celebrate their beauty and
sensuality nature lovers

In other words, your Heart’s Home
is the perfect place just for you!

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