"You have created an amazing sanctuary here! Ranjita,
your healing hands are true magic, and your wisdom
and inner guidance have been a bountiful blessing to me,
and to all who will be drawn here..."

- L. Grimmond, NY

Thank you for...helping me give voice to the woman within,
the parts of myself that got lost in childhood, my connection
to nature and my spiritual desires...I could go on and on and on...
I have been touched on many levels through this experience,
and I look forward to what the future holds -- thanks to you!"

- Tammy Audet, OH

"I came seeking relaxation. I received sacred healing.
I came seeking natural beauty. I fell in love with the earth.
I came seeking a "getaway." I received a path to my own heart.
And rediscovered...Home is truly where the heart is."

- Dori-elle Blesoff, IL

"Peter and I knew we needed healing...This was the first full
breaths we have inhaled and exhaled for over ten months...
Here we let down our guards and were as relaxed and at peace
as we have ever been. We leave here knowing we can live our
true lives as our true selves. We now go forth with exuberance,
courage and joy! Thank you, Your Heart’s Home!"

- Jennifer and Peter Corrigan, CT

"My heart truly led me here, but I couldn‘t have imagined the
healing and joy I would find. You...have helped me to shed my
barriers and allowed me to begin walking my own sacred path.
I have felt so much love, so much nurturing power here!
The canyon is a magical and powerful place -- the scenery...is
spectacular...Wow! Thank you! Thank You!"

- Rhiannon Hollenb eck, CO

"Coming to Your Heart’s Home has been truly uplifting and I
have experienced a deep spiritual awakening...This has been
exactly what I needed. The love, nurturing, and guidance you
have given me has helped me to blossom into the true spiritual
being that I am. I will be forever grateful to you for inviting me
to share your sanctuary, your canyon, and to receive your love."

- Krissy Wright, CO

"I have found a home. I thank you, Ranjita, for the depth of
your soul, the fullness of your heart, and the depth of your
presence. I am truly blessed to have stayed here and to now
know you. You are in my heart, and will always be. I cannot say
enough about the magic of this sanctuary and warm embrace
of this canyon. It all feels perfect. I will see you again soon."

- Gary Shapiro, CA

"Dear One, although it has been almost a month since I was with you
and the Beloveds at Your Heart’s Home, it seems only like yesterday.
My heart is so full, it overflows constantly. The guides and sacred
allies of my heart are a constant blessing to me. In welcoming home
the many bodies of my soul, a warm and nurturing reunion of love and
healing has been established that outstrips all previous experiences
of deeply erotic and sensual love ever experienced by this one.
There are no words to express the gratitude and liberation that my
heart exudes. Over the last few weeks, such marvels have unfolded,
that I am speechless to remark. As I offer up everything daily to the
Divine Mother, I receive such blessings that only the anointed can be
worthy of, and I am humbled. And so, dear sister, blessings of the
dawn of peace be upon you and all your works. I kiss your feet and
remain with you in the now."

- Dr. Devin Alaric Mikles, MD

"I give many blessings and thanks for a wonderful stay in your
sanctuary. You have opened your hearts, making my stay deeply
profound and loving. This is truly a beautiful place!"

- Bennett, WA

"I came in despair, and all alone -- I leave with much joy,
and fully embraced...The warm caring, nurturing food, and
lovely walks with the dogs; it was a real warm and fuzzy time!
Thank you for sharing your light!"

- Christine Placiniak, CA

"Words really can’t express the gratitude I feel. You have helped
me to realize a desire I’ve had for awhile, and I am honored that
I got to work with you in attaining this. Thank you!"

- Joseph

"Thank you so much for your welcome, light, reflections,
non-judgmentalism, massage and heart journey. After swimming
in the creek naked with only two necklaces on I was soaked in
rejuvenat ion energy and spirit! Now my life is making sense and
joy is peaking through...I am so glad we met!"

- Cirsten

"Rick and I do not know how to begin to tell you what
a wonderful experience we had. I couldn’t have written
a more beautiful script for our wedding. Every moment
opened into a total glorious and loving day. What a way
to begin our new life! We leave Your Heart’s Home as
husband and wife, ...so very grateful for all the beauty
that this very special place has to offer."

- Karen and Rick Riani, MA

" We are so grateful for the beautiful ceremony you
gave to us. It was so perfect for us and who we are now,
and who we are becoming each moment of our new
life together. You are such a powerful bright light, and
we are honored and inspired by your life and presence."

- Deb and Mark, AZ

"So deeply I thank you, Ranjita, and you, Sunny, with every vibration
my being for being who you are. I think actually a miracle, a
transformation is taking place in my relationship with Paul. His being
here with Sunny, seeing himself reflected, remembering who he is,
impacted him to his core. I am brought to tears with gratitude and
love for the grace of your love energy which you have poured into us!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Susan Zalkind, AZ

" My mind is cleared! My heart is filled! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - There are few people that have a profound impact on your life. Even rarer, however, are those that have been there...for you...and then for your daughter as well. How can I say thank you to the sweet soul who helped me and then helped my daughter as well? How can I even begin to express gratitude for the love and care that was so gently and openly extended? How can I tell you how much you mean to me and how blessed I feel having had the privilege to spend some time in your home...your presence...your life? Words cannot express what is so deep in my heart...my very soul. You will remain in my heart as precious and dear as you are this moment."

- Dayton Williams, CO

" Thank you so much for opening your home to me and my mom. What a
beautiful place you have here at Your Heart’s Home! Who knew I would ever be working on myself like this. You made this first step for me wonderful. Thank you for being so comfortable. It was actually easy for me to open up to you (and believe me, that is not normally easy for me.) You are truly a wonderful person, and I look forward to another visit."

- Shae Williams, TX

"To come to Your Heart’s Home is to be awakened to the higher heart.
Experiencing your gift and life’s work was such a blessing! My heart was aching to be with people who understood me and my heart, and I did come home; thank you! I'll be leaving here a New Heart, seeing and finding Hearts everywhere I look, no matter how hard they are hiding! Blessed be!"

-Karen Philo,

"Thank you for the peace, energy and tranquility. Your gifts of service,
joy and love are overwhelming. What a wonderful experience! You are truly blessed and loved, and I send you my gratitude for a much needed retreat."

- Holly Udkins, AZ

"What a delicious gift! Beyond the home, the views and the food, your love and pure energy made this a magical weekend. My body is tingling, my heart full, and I know my life is uplifted forever. I loved staying here, and I will be back many times."

- Marcia Reynolds,

"My heart is so full with juicy riches, wisdom and rest. Ancient knowledge relayed, eternal flame revealed. Open. Present. Peace. In deepest gratitude,
I bow to you all."

- Sherry Kilian, AZ

"My heart and soul are so grateful for what I received while in the presence of this place and the loving souls here. Thank you so much. The name "Your Heart’s Home" is so right on for this place!"

- MaryAnn Lovendal, AZ


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