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Ceremonies ~ Celebrations ~ Rites of Passages

Enocha "Ranjita" of Your Heart's Home Retreat Sanctuary officiating a wedding in Sedona nature setting.

Your Heart’s Home is the perfect place for your sacred ceremony, wedding or rite of passage! As an ordained minister, it would be my privilege to officiate and co-create with you a magical ceremony or wedding experience that reflects your heart’s desires and soul’s longings. I would love to help you infuse this passage with conscious loving intention, making your ceremony a joyful, memorable, living force of love in your life for all time.

For me, rites of passage are very sacred initiations, and I am committed to bring to your ceremony a deep and profound love and connection with the Divine. My joy and passion is to assist and usher others into their true communion with Spirit. My ministry is eclectic, non-denominational and non-traditional. As a ceremonial artist, I can help you clarify your dream and vision for your perfect ceremony, and sculpt that vision into reality.

We can provide for you a scenic nature wedding or ceremonial site, in the midst of one of Sedona’s major vortices,

strategically placed in loving embrace between prominent masculine and feminine earth energies. Also consider Your Heart’s Home as the perfect hideaway for a cozy and romantic honeymoon retreat, where you are our only treasured guests. You can luxuriate in our outdoor hot tub under the stars, snuggle up on our hammock for two, play in Oak Creek, stroll in pristine canyons, all right out of our front door!

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