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Tribute to my Superstar Guest

Debra Stangl and Sedona Soul Adventures

Over the 22 years of hosting guests and clients here at Your Heart’s Home, I have been blessed and honored to meet and serve so many amazing people and “super souls.”


One superstar guest I want to make a tribute to is my dear friend and sister, Debra Stangl.  She came as a referral to Your Heart’s Home in its infancy 19 years ago.  She was a burned-out, unhappy divorce attorney from Omaha, Nebraska. Debra was actively trying to find her way to happiness.  After a three-day personal, customized retreat here at Your Heart’s Home, it was evident that her Soul was telling her she could no longer be an attorney,

it was not the right fit for her any longer. Debra courageously began to do all the scary things that come up as she was going through a complete rebirth in her life, and closed her practice within six months of being here.  After closing her practice and still being in the unknown, she came to Sedona often and used the cradling comfort of Your Heart’s Home Retreat Sanctuary to steady her wobble.


I and many other gifted facilitators and practitioners helped guide her and give her the powerful directions for her new life.  She also met many of her new Soul family and friends here during those visits.

It was clear over time that Sedona was calling her to birth an extraordinary new business a Retreat Organization

called “Sedona Soul Adventures,” helping people transform their lives one Soul at a time.  On July 4,  2018, she celebrated the 16th Birthday of Sedona Soul Adventures and the fact that it has served over 9,000 retreat guests. 


I am proud to be one of the many professional, skilled practitioners s that has the privilege of serving these Sedona Soul Adventure guests, which come from all over the world. 


Canyon Mama drew Debra to Your Heart’s Home, I helped change her life, and in turn, she has been at the helm of changing thousands of lives, one soul at a time, with the help of her spectacular team.  She is a superstar in my heart and a beloved sister. I am so proud of her and so honored to be a part of the team at Sedona Soul Adventures.

Debra has created the life she loves, she is at her perfect body weight and optimal health, found the love of her life who is now her husband Richard, and basically attracted abundance in every way.


If you are interested in knowing more about Debra and her journey, order her book "The Journey to Happy: How Embracing the Concept NOTHING IS WRONG Can Transform Your Life"  by Debra Stangl.


Or visit her website:

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