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Meet Your Hostess

My name is Enocha "Ranjita" Ryan, and I am privileged to be the owner/steward, hostess and facilitator at your home away from home - Your Heart's Home. As a transformational healing artist and resident of Sedona for over 43 years, it is my passion to help guide you to your healing and awakening.  It would be my joy to bring out the best in you, initiating you into the exalted wholeness of your being. Are you ready to end the conflict within yourself and struggle in your life? It would be my extreme privilege, as your hostess and guide, to midwife you into the life you have always dreamed of and the relationships you have always wanted.


I specialize in hands-on healing, massage and bodywork, energy and breath-work, the shamanic healing and empowerment arts, spiritual counseling and guidance.

Relationships are the most powerful spiritual path that you could be on. Guiding couples into a deepening of their heart and soul connection through the sacred sensual and communication arts is another specialty of the gifts at Your Heart's Home.


As an ordained minister, I can officiate all forms of  Weddings, Initiations, Rites of Passage, or special Blessing Ceremonies. See our Menu of Services.


I am devoted to embodying the frequency of love, thereby living Heaven on Earth. Allow me to help you open up the treasure chest of your heart, where you will discover that all the riches of heaven are already inside of you!

From my heart to yours,

Enocha "Ranjita" Ryan

The Sanctuary is Cradled in

Powerful Vortex Energies

Your Heart's Home is nestled in the cradle of very powerful earth energies that literally introduced themselves to me by their names. "Canyon Mama" is a feminine earth energy who represents and reflects the receptive principle. "Red Rock Papa" is a powerful masculine reflection of the giving/doing principle. The canyon walls become a structural, protective cradle that these energies flow between. Your Heart's Home is famous for an 8-ton miracle boulder that was divinely delivered as a complete blessing to the property, and to all who come to

visit. This healing generator is a magnificent sight to behold, and has given gifts of healing and balancing who layed upon it. Come experience these amazing energies for yourself!

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