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Customized, personalized Sessions and Retreats

For Individuals, Couples and Groups

As your hostess and facilitator at Your Heart's Home it is my privilege to create your sessions or your retreat to be exactly in alignment with what your body, mind, heart and Soul desires. I have been a resident of the Sedona community for more than 44 years. My passion for my own healing has led me to the path of becoming a "transformational healing artist". Through my 36 years of training in countless healing modalities, I draw from my "medicine-bag" of services and skills that are listed below. Working in conjunction with your needs, I intuitively weave a tapestry of healing arts together to fulfill your intentions and facilitate the transformation that you desire. I also draw from a plethora of other Sedona healing professionals if what you are in need of is best served by another practitioner's skills.

Below is a list of my favorite specialties and themes to spark your inspiration. Most one-on-one sessions with individual clients are a combination of sacred counsel time, transformational energy and inner journey work while laying on the massage table.

This session is also available as a DVD/CD/Journal product to take home with you or as a gift.

Coming H.O.M.E. - "Uniting Your Power Trinity"
Heaven On Mother Earth = HOME

Enocha "Ranjita's" connection with the powerful earth energies surrounding her property has seeded this life-transforming signature process. You will learn exactly what has been standing in the way of you connecting with and living from your open heart. You will regain access to the healthy relationship between the Three Aspects of Your True Power, understand the strategies that you designed to protect your heart, and witnessing your heart-wall disappear, you will fully enter your heart discovering that your treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven truly do live within you. This process will give you the keys to living your life from a new mythology. It is a very comprehensive process that will deliver you HOME.  This session is great for individuals, couples and groups.

You are the Greatest Love Affair of Your Life!

You will be given the magic keys to open your heart, and learn to replenish yourself with your own self-love, acceptance and appreciation.

This opens the floodgates to truly loving others. Unconditional love is the vibration that allows you to live in Heaven On Mother Earth.

Love Your Body,
Love Yourself

Your body is your best

friend. Pamper yourself

with nurturing massage

and bodywork.

Therapeutic Integrative Massage/Bodywork

2-hour minimum

Anatomical Dialogue

Integrating your mind and body, you will learn how to listen to your body's wisdom. Symptoms are your body's communication signals. When we know how to listen to the signals, the symptoms can disappear.
2-hour minimum


Sound Healing

Sound is vibration, and all healing happens through attuning our energies to higher vibrations. Bathe yourself in the healing tones of multiple instruments. 

Energy Work

  • Chakra Healing, Clearing and Balancing

  • Emotional Releasing of past wounds still held in the body

  • Cord Cutting: Clearing the energetic field

Hot Stone Massage

- 2 hours


From Roots to Wings -
A Shamanic Approach to Healing & Transformation
Heal, Make Whole, Be Holy
  • Heal - Retrieve and recover all wounded and separated parts of one self.

  • Make Whole - Bring every part of yourself home to your heart. Discover the wholeness that is within.

  • Be Holy - Celebrate your intrinsic Holiness that is naturally available with a quiet mind and open heart.

Initiation to the Path of the Modern Shaman

Exploring and anchoring seven major archetypal energies into your chakra system to embody the gifts of the shaman.

Journey of Consciousness through Breath & Sound

Group or Individual


Presenting a "Map of Consciousness" to understand the different levels that are accessible in expanded states. Using a connective breath in concert with evacotive music you will take a life-changing journey into expanded states of awareness and consciousness.

Couple Leslie.jpg
Sacred Intimacy - The Art and Skill of Developing a Conscious, Spiritual Partnership

Learn how to turn disconnection into sacred union.

Explore your relationship as a path to healing, deep heart union, conscious growth together and spiritual awakening. Your relationship is the most powerful spiritual path that you can be on. All of our wounds come up inside of our intimate relationship.

Learn how to turn disconnection into sacred union.

Learn the "Healing and Magic of Skillful Communication"

Exploring the Sacred Sensual Healing Arts in a safe and sacred way. Focusing on the movement and enhancement of the sexual energy for deepening intimacy, healing and spiritual connection.

Discovering how to experience "God Communion" through your human relationships.

Discovering Your Soul's Purpose

Access your inner guidance, receive the tools and find the courage to follow your hearts desires to fulfill your soul's gifts. ​You are heaven's Pot of Gold.

Recovering From The Wounds of
Sexual Abuse and Other Sexual Injuries

Recovering From The Wounds of Sexual Abuse and Other Sexual Injuries

Sexual Abuse, whether incest, molestation or rape, is one of the most culturally pervasive and devastating of all wounding. It can affect almost every area of our lives and relationships, yet you can have recovery and freedom from the knot this kind of wound creates.

Individual Sessions: Through a deep, guided journey you will be led to recover all aspects of

yourself that received the injury, and bring them back out of the past into the presence where deep. lasting healing and recovery can occur.

Couples Sessions: Teaching

Your Beloved To Be Your

Sexual Healer in a safe and

sacred way. As a couple you

can learn the art and skill of

being each other's sexual healers.

This results in allowing your natural pleasures of your body to return to full blossoming.

Naturally Healthy and Free

Transforming your relationship between food, weight and eating disorders.

Celebrating or Honoring a
Rite of Passage
in Your Life's Journey

​As a minister, priestess and ceremonial artist, we can co-create the most beautiful, meaningful ceremony to honor almost any passage such as: Weddings, Birthdays, Coming of Age (Puberty Rights, Crone Initiations), Births, Deaths, and "Letting Go" ceremonies. These can be individual or group experiences.

The Art of Being Present 

Wake up to who you really are. Awaken your inner voice, your spiritual sight and intuitive knowing. Attune and trust your intuition. Learn to work with divination tools, such as muscle testing, the pendulum, cards and other tools.

The Art and Skill of Meditation

A simple session to learn

several ways to quiet your

mind and open your heart.

Ranjita's Medicine Bag of Additional Individual Sessions

Discover Your Type on the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a very deeply spiritually based way to discover your strategies for operating in the world. Learning about your Enneagram Type can give you access to far greater personal freedom and compassion for not just yourself, but others as well. An excellent personal discovery tool. - 2 hours

SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy

A meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth. Once discovered, these blocks and programs are quickly cleared through the work of your higher self. Lifetimes of clearing can take place in on session. - 2 hours


Access Bars Therapy

A dynamic process in which points are held on your head that unlocks the places in your life where you are willing to receive, thereby creating a greater sense of ease. After running your bars, you will notice that you now have the ability to change the areas in your life that you wish.

Isis Initiation - Becoming A Living Chalice of Love

An Egyptian Goddess initiation. Invoking and welcoming the essence of seven Egyptian Goddesses into your body to become a living chalice filled with love, wisdom and power. Especially for women.

Divination Tools

Learn to work with spiritual allies, a pendulum, or muscle testing to receive clear, inner guidance and support.

DNA Activation - Theta Healing Process

A Go up and work with God. In these wild and accelerated times, it is extremely useful and potent to have your entire DNA fully activated and available. This helps you access all of your spiritual gifts, and heals, harmonizes and rejuvenates your body, giving you a more direct connection to your spirit. This activation is a simple process, and is available to any of my guests upon request.

Celebrate Your Creativity

A whole art room created just for you. Use nature's art and your artistry to create a magical power piece to take home. Your art will be a symbol and reminder of your transformational retreat.

Outdoor Activities

Earth Yoga

The earth is the perfect yoga mat. Just as children so naturally hang from trees and bend over rocks, we can use the surrounding nature to give us the perfect stretches, strength-building asanas to empower our relationship to our bodies through using the earth. It is fun, creative, and feels delicious. Once you learn it, it is always yours. "Earth Yoga" can be translated into "Household Hatha" and "Conscious Coupling".

Guided Hikes

Hiking in Heaven - If you would like Ranjita or another guide, to take you on a heavenly hike, Oak Creek Canyon, Munds Canyon and Casner Canyon are all within walking distance from the sanctuary. A guided hike is recommended for your first discovery since there are not necessarily designated paths. After getting a sense of the surrounding areas through a guided walk, you are free to explore and discover your own paths to glory all around the sanctuary. Let Nature be your teacher, healer and way shower to your own natural way of being.


I value my time at

  • $85/hour for private one-on-one sessions,

  • $95/hour for couples, and

  • $100/hour for group sessions of 3 or more people

offered at Your Heart's Home.

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